Install Android Studio in Windows 10/8/7

Install Android studio and start building your own first App.

Android is a mobile operating system based on a modified version of the Linux kernel and other open-source software. In Starting android is designed primarily for touchscreen mobiles but nowadays android in Tv, Watches, and many more electronic devices.

To be a successful Android developer, you have good knowledge of Java language (or Kotlin), Android APIs, SDK, and Android Application Architecture.

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Required Steps:

  1. Download JDK
  2. Set Environment for java
  3. Download Android Studio IDE

Step 1: Download JDK (Java Development Kit):-

first of all download JDK in your system and open it. Now you will see the below screen. Here we downloaded the latest JDK version. but if you want you can download the old version of JDK from here.

Now click on next

Figure 1. Install JDK in system

After click on “Next”, you will see the below screen. Now select the path/drive where you want to install this software. This will require empty space of 420MB on your hard drive.

Figure 2. Select path for instllation.

After click on “Next” it will take some time to install. Now below screen will show. JDK successfully installed in your system.

Figure 3. JDK successfully installed

Step 2: Set Java Environment

To set java environment variable path. It is easy to set the environment.

follow this step:
  • Open C:/Program Files/Java/JDK-14.0.1/bin here we give this location because we installed java JDK in C drive. If you use a different drive so please open the bin folder.
  • Now copy bin folder location path.
  • Open window search “Edit the system environment variables”.
  • Open “Advanced/Environment Variables”.
  • Select the “Path” variable and click on edit.
  • Now click on new and add path which we copied (bin folder path). Once we added this click on ok ad move back.

Step 3: Download Android Studio

Now download android studio ide from the official website. It is free you have nothing to pay for it. After download click on “android-studio-ide-version” and follow to below step to install.

Step 1.

Here is the first page of android studio installation. Click on next.

figure 1. First page of android installation.
Step 2.

Here already selected default so enter on next.

Figure 2. Choose components.
Step 3.

Nowhere choose the install path/location for Android Studio. Here already selected default location but you can select a location that you want. Click on next.

Figure 3. Select location to install android
Step 4.

Now it will take some time to install so please wait while Android Studio is being installed.

Figure 4. Installing Android studio
Step 5.

Now you have successfully install Android Studio. Now click on next button.

Figure 5. Successfully install Android Studio
Step 6.

Now clicked in check box and click on “Next” button and open android studio.

Figure 6. Finish installation process
Step 7.

When the first time Android Studio starts. It will ask you to import previous settings. If you have then selected a path for it, otherwise if you install the first time you select “Do not import settings” and press ok.

figure 7. Ask for import settings
Step 8.

Now at this point, you can see this message. If you want to google do that click on “Send usage statistics to Google” otherwise click on Don’t send and move ahead.

Figure 8. Data Sharing Message
Step 9.

Now on this Android setup wizard. Here you can set up an Android studio according to your requirement. Here are two options one is standard and the second is custom.

For new users, we recommended a standard option. It’s also recommended for most users. Now you click on next.

Figure 9. Android setup wizard
Step 10.

Here you can select UI theme for Android Studio. If you want a normal theme select Light theme and if you want a dark mode theme select the Darcula theme.

Figure 10. Select theme

Step 11.

Nowhere verify all settings which you have selected. You can verify all settings and If you are happy with settings click on the finish button.

Figure 11. Verify settings

Step 12.

At this point, Android Studio is downloading extra components and tools which we use after. S here you need to wait for some more time until this download or setup will finish. Once this process finishes clicking on the finish button.

Figure 12. Downloading extra components

Step 13.

Now here you can start your first Android project. So click on start a new Android Studio project.

Figure 13. Start new project
Step 14.

Here you choose one option one of Phone and Tablet, Wear OS, Tv, Automotive, Android Things. If you want to develop apps for Tv choose Tv option. If you want to develop apps for Android mobile and Tablet. For testing, we select “Empty Activity” and click on next.

Figure 14. select activity type

Step 15.

Here at the top enter your app name after entering your package name. If you will upload the app on Playstore please do not use the example package name. You can change the save location where the project will save. You can also select the language in which you develop this app. Here you can select Java/Kotlin.

Figure 15. Configure your project
Step 16.

For the first time, it will take time to load and download the Gradle file. So wait for some time

Congratulation You have successfully install Android studio.

Figure 16. Install Android Studio successfully

Thanks reading, If you have query please comments below.

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